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Why Should You Ride Fat Tire E-Bikes in the Mountains?

For those that enjoy mountain biking, you should try riding your favorite trails on a fat tire e-bike. Thanks to the wider tires, you can safely travel across difficult paths, making your mountain trek a safer, more enjoyable experience. What is a Fat Tire E-Bike? If...

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Why are Electric Bikes an Unstoppable Trend?

Electronically-powered bikes have been around for a long time. However, the latest designs are efficient and easy to operate, leading to increased demand for electric bikes. Here is a closer look at how these bikes became such an unstoppable trend. Efficient and...

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Who Created the First Fat Tire Electric Bicycle?

Fat tire electric bikes have quickly become the most popular way to get around on two wheels. You gain the advantages of a standard e-bike with the added stability of fat tires. Who is responsible for inventing this convenient mode of transportation? While the history...

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Choosing an E-Bike: How to Find the Perfect Fit

How do you choose the best e-bike for your needs? Here are a few tips to help you narrow your options and find the perfect fit. Consider the Terrain You Typically Ride On The first consideration, when looking for an e-bike, is how you intend to use it. You should...

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Discover the History of Electric Bikes

Electronic bicycles provide a convenient way to get around. You can travel several miles without tiring yourself out, making them the perfect solution for commuting to work or riding to a local store. If you love these bikes, you may want to learn more about their...

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The Top Reasons to Buy a Fat-Tire Electric Bike

Electric bikes provide an environmentally friendly form of transportation. You do not need to buy gas or dispose of harmful lead-acid batteries. While these bikes are popular in the city streets, the tires may not work well on other terrains. The fat tire e-bike...

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Why Should You Start Riding an Electric Bike?

An e-bike is like your standard bicycle with the addition of a battery-powered motor. While electric bicycles are incredibly popular, why should you join the trend? Exploring the top benefits of riding an electric bicycle should help you understand. Save Money on...

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