How to maintain proper care of your ebike?

fat tire electric bike

E bikes can now be seen everywhere, and its no wonder why; electric bikes help people beat traffic, get to where they need quickly, and not have to rely on gas. Like other means of transportation, bikes need to be taken care off to last. So, if you have an e bike, here is what you need to do to maintain proper care of it:

Take care of the battery

The Lithium ion battery in ebikes, like the fat tire electric bicycle, need to be charged at least once every two months. So, if you are going to be away from your bike, get your friends to charge it for you, or buy a smart plug for remote charging. If you use your bike regularly, make sure the battery is not exposed to extreme temperatures.fat tire electric bike

Clean and lubricate the chain

Bike chains can get dirty and rusty if you don’t clean them; when that happens, they will become less flexible and might cause issues. To prevent that from happening, clean your bikes chain and lubricate it regularly to assure its flexibility and durability (do it at least once a month).

Clean your bike’s frame

A dirty bike may look cool, but dirt can cause the paint job to peal and may lead to the formation of rust. So, you should regularly clean your bike’s frame, about once a month. To make sure you don’t cause damages, read your bike’s manufacturer manual to find out which cleaning materials you can use. Also, avoid low-grade cleaning materials that can do more harm than good.

Keep the tires inflated

Tires that lack air can wear out easily, so you need to make sure the tire pressure of your bike is at the right level, especially with a fat tire electric bicycle. You can check the pressure at gas stations, and bike stores, or buy a pump of your own. These days, you can purchase a pump that lets you know the tires’ pressure so you will be able to check it at any time. To make sure your tires are properly inflated, check the recommended level in the manufacturer’s manual, and check the pressure once a week.

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