Seven Uses of Folding Fat Bikes

fat tire electric bike

Folding fat bikes can be folded and carried just about anywhere. If you are considering getting a fat bike, you should explore the uses of a folding version.

1. Take Your Fat Bike on a Hike A folding fat bike is easy to take on a hike. When folded, you can carry it with you across the hiking trail. When you get to a spot that may be treacherous to travel on foot, you can simply unfold the bike and pedal across.

2. Commute to Work on Your Fat Bike
A folding fat bike can be used to get you to work. Instead of driving a car several miles to work, you can choose a greener option. When you get to work, you can easily fold it up and store it until the end of the day.
If you do not like the idea of building up a sweat before you get to work, consider getting an electric folding electric fat bike. These bikes offer the same advantages as a standard folding fat bike. However, they include an electric motor that helps make your commute a little easier.

3. Run Errands with Your Fat Bike
You can also use your folding fat bike to run errands. Most stores should not object to you carrying your folded fat bike as you shop.

4. Take Your Fat Bike to the Beach
Besides going for a hike, you may also want to take your bike to the beach. The fat tires are less likely to slip or slide in the sand.

5. Stay Safe on Snowy Roads
The fat tires on a folding fat bike are useful for traveling on slick or icy roads. During the winter, these bikes can provide a safer form of transportation.

fat tire electric bike

6. Store Your Bike in Your Vehicle
You can also keep your bike in your vehicle. Whenever you feel like going for a ride, you can take it out of the trunk, unfold it, and start pedaling.
If you purchase a folding electric fat bike, you may want to consider getting an adapter to charge the battery with your car battery. When you take your bike out of the trunk, you can ensure that the battery is fully charged.

7. Switch Between Walking and Riding
With a folding fat bike, you have the option to switch between walking and riding a bike. You do not have this choice with a standard bike.
These bikes also typically come with a carrying strap. You can fold your bike and carry it just about anywhere. Whether you are planning to go to the beach, on a hike, or to work, you get a convenient form of transportation.
Do not forget that there are also electric versions of these bikes. If you want a little help traveling on rough terrain, consider getting a folding fat e-bike.

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