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F-15RS 1000W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike – 48V*21AH


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Overview – Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike 1000W 21AH + HYDRAULIC BRAKES



Our newest F15rs series body style has been created, meet the  our 2023 release. This new model features a low frame body style while maintaining it’s classic folding capabilities. Our battery located at mid frame for better overall weight balance. It’s 20″ Fat Tires offers exceptional traction and maneuverability through the toughest terrain, even while battling sand and gravel. Pair all of these features with our a extremely powerful 1000-watt motor and Samsung battery, there is nothing stopping your ride.

The F15rs series is the most versatile, with the most body styles and colors and options available, it is one of the most popular.

Fat tire E bikes are quickly becoming popular for good reason. The powerful Samsung battery paired with our BFang motor gives you the best experience possible on any terrain. Both of these brand name components are of a premium quality and are guaranteed to last. The bike design features our battery located at mid frame for better overall weight balance.

Color Options

  • Frame Colors: Black, White , Camouflage
  • Rim Colors: Black, White, Camouflage

Bike Features

  • Folding Compact Design
  • Fully Loaded Edition
  • Full Electric Range: Up to 41 Miles
  • Pedal Assist Range: Up to 47 Miles

Folding Features

  • Compact Folding Design
  • 3 Step System:
  • Fold in the pedals
  • Handle bars slide down
  • Quick release folds down the center

Rider Info

  • Adjustable Seat: perfect for any size rider.
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 300lbs
  • Designed for All Terrains


  • Battery: 48V* 21AH Samsung Lithium Ion
  • Charge Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Battery Life Est: 1000 Charges


  • Motor: BAFANG 1000W Rear Hub Brushless Motor
  • Motor Power:Fixed Output Power : 1000W
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Quick Charger: US Standard Smart Charger
  • Throttle Type : Variable Speed Control – Thumb Throttle


  • LCD Display
  • Features:
  • Speedometer
  • Battery Level
  • Speed Setting Indicator
  • Trip Distance

Hardware Details

  • Shifter: Shimano 7-speed TX-50 7R/RD/TX-55GSD/MF-TZ21CP
  • Rear Gears: 7 Speed
  • Frame: Aluminium-Alloy – heavy duty for off roading
  • Fork: Steel Tig Welding
  • Handlebar: Aluminum
  • Seat Post: Aluminum & Saddle Seat
  • Pedals: Aluminum
  • Tires: Kenda 20” X 4.0” Fat Tire
  • Brakes: F/R Alloy Disc Brake, SRAM AVID BB5 Electric Brake Lever or Hydraulic brakes on the 1000w model
  • Freewheel: Shimano Pro Freewheel 7 Speeds
  • Headlight: LED
  • hydraulic brakes included with f15rs 1000w 21ah

Easy Bike Assembly

Bike ships to you partially assembled. Easy step-by-step assembly instructions are included!

If you are not familiar with bike basics we recommend taking your pre-assembled bike to a local bike shop to be professionally assembled. All parts, including pre-installed components must be properly tightened and adjusted prior to riding. After a few rides it is normal that your bike will need some tuning.

Weight 60 lbs
Output Power


Battery size


Rims Color

Camouflage Rims, White Rims, Black Rims

Frame Color

Black Frame, Camouflage Frame, Red Frame, White Frame


Black, Camouflage, White

15 reviews for F-15RS 1000W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike – 48V*21AH

  1. Kris (verified owner)

    Great bike. Quality is great but the rear rack is welded on and I can’t use my 1up bike hitch rack to tow it. I wish the rack was removable.

  2. Matthew Tripp (verified owner)

    Ordered Sunday arrived Wednesday! Assembly was quick and easy.. has abundant power, breaks are wonderful.. stops on a dime!
    Yep very good Ebike!

  3. koiphish

    The F-15RS Fat tire fold bike has been great!

    I got mine on Feb of2020 and shipping was prompt.
    I would give the packaging dept a B in that the bike arrived undamaged, but a bit more padding could be used for hub/axle protection. Understand I have much experience in shipping delicate items in foam and crates … and this is a good rating from myself! It did arrive double boxed and have an engineered method of packing, but outside box was in poor shape after only a few hundred miles of travel!

    Onto the fun part …
    Assembly was very easy for me … as a skilled mechanic. It comes with tools, but still needs an adjustable wrench to torque pedal. The solid shipping axle on frame was a great help in keeping things aligned for an easy mounting of front wheel, along with disk brake.
    I now have about 200 miles of riding with about 20% of that on hill climbing. It will do a 10% grade no problem … but I try to assist with peddles and use level 3 or less to protect the hub. I just want it to last and figure it is not designed for 1000W continuous hill climbs. I did just blow the 20A fuse on battery bank trying to climb a 10% grade with 30 lbs cargo and 190 lbs rider weight. I was using the throttle only since the load was to unstable to peddle. I think even this would have been ok if I had just slowly accelerated.
    It is important to remember that this is an “entry level e-bike” in that all controls are very primitive methods and they are very course and hard not to jerk or lose balance as you learn to “anticipate the power ride”. It seems like on off switch at times. When you are on level 5 and move the peddle just a part turn, that happens to be were the sensor aligns to the crank mag, you find out how this thing can pop a wheely and throw you off the bike or run over the other foot on the ground. This is typical for this type of ebike at an entry level. I am not complaining, but just warning to start on level 1-3 for learning.

    I have verified that the 21 ah battery is for real! It recharges from dead using about 1.05 Kwhr via killawatt meter. This means about 1050/48 or 21.8 Ahr of charge less charge losses (maybe 5-10%)
    Assuming the dead battery was about 10% capacity (not good to go below that …even on lithium) that gives about 21ah /_ 5% for my test! This test is important to me because I plan to use the battery bank for a mini off grid PV system. It only makes sense to have a second usage for a $500 component.
    I am torn between using two of these bats for a 2kw inverter or a single on a 600w inverter. It is important to remember that absolute max current is 20A … and one bat can only give 1000W max power. (maybe 750W continuous). This system with one battery is the same a 2 golf cart lead acid bats that would weigh over 120 pounds! The draw back of a 48V inverter is the high standby power of 14-24 watts. Look for progress on this system and PV charging here on updates and for koisolar or kiophish tags.

    I run about 10psi and get about 50 miles per charge with about 2000ft elev change and light assist by peddles most of the time, but more effort on peddles going up hills. My worst range was about 40 miles in a 20mph headwind and 3000ft elev change for a round trip using less peddling. I have learned that it is more comfortable to ride a bit slower at 15mph and the range goes up on flat ride to more like 75miles.

    I live around some dunes and sandy beaches. I took this on the ocean beach on packed sand … and it was a blast. I didn’t go very far since I know sand and salt water are not so good for drive train or hub.
    I was able to keep it clean … and even go on a loose dune for about 30ft or more if you go down hill. The bike trial I ride one frequently has dune sand for 10 to 20ft stretches. I can run over a 1-2ft high pile and stay stable on up to about 3 inches deep. Try that on a 2 inch mountain bike tire!

    I have noticed … as many others… that the bafang hub starts to make more noise after about 100miles when it loosens up. It has stayed the same for another 100 miles so far.

    The fold feature is really handy for an e-bike that is too big/heavy for most bike racks. I can get two of these in a small Honda CRV wagon in the hidden rear cargo area. This is even more easy than lifting it up into my pickup bed … when it has room.

    This is my first fold bike … and fat tire bike …and e-bike and second bike w/ hydraulic brakes! They are all a blast!

  4. Andrew Whyte

    I purchased the F-35 Fatbike 2018. All of the above review applied !! The bike is powerful and is not a toy!! Take the time to adjust to the Bafang motor or you will regret it from crashes. Finally, if you break a key, it is very difficult to duplicate the spear. Lowe’s or Home Depot did not have the unique match. So, beware!! Overall, love my F-35 with the orange rims. It draws lots of attention from folks!

  5. Andrew Whyte

    I purchased the F-35 Fatbike 2018. All of the above review applied !! The bike is powerful and is not a toy!! Take the time to adjust to the Bafang motor or you will regret it from crashes. Finally, if you break a key, it is very difficult to duplicate the spear. Lowe’s or Home Depot did not have the unique match. So, beware!! Overall, love my F-35 with the orange rims. It draws lots of attention from folks!

  6. Victor Wagoner (verified owner)

    I bought the F-15RS 1000W. It came via FedEx in excellent shape. The packaging was really thorough and perfectly protected the bike.

    Assembly was very easy and took about a leisurely hour.

    It is very well made and the performance is excellent. Extremely fun bike to ride in whatever mode or terrain you choose. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.

  7. Wesly Keith Murphy (verified owner)

    I have had this bike for eight days now and have out 75 miles on it. Over all it’s a great bike. I bought it on a Sunday it arrived Wednesday morning. The Bike does come 85% assembled and took around 25minutes to put together. Only minor issue is my kick stand had a defect. It flew off during one of my rides.

  8. PAUL DUELO (verified owner)

    I’m having a blast with my ebike. I’ve owned it for about 2 months now and jump on it daily rather than my car to run around locally . It’s just a blast and yes everyone is curious so far so good.
    I did have problems with the wiring to the lite it broke on both bikes early on , I think they need address that, easy fix by soldering 6” of additional wire and wrapping it with shrink tube. The rear fender loosened up and it was quite an effort to tighten, rear wheel had to be removed and It was a bear to reinstall. Having a little problem engaging the throttle not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or it’s just an intermittent problem. Instructions lack big time , perhaps something on their website would be useful.
    In spite of my issues I would highly recommend an ebike, makes me feel like a kid again, I’m 63. I think it’s just a matter of time before we see many more on the road I know I’ve sold a few

  9. scott

    Great Bike, This is my 5th ebike. I love them. If your not in good shape this is a good way to have fun and eventually pedal more on your own.. Or use the bike as transportation… This isn’t super fast (28MPH max) but it is powerful and well built…

  10. Ruth (verified owner)

    Purchased 2 F-15RS bikes end of Oct 2020. We love our bikes, and have a lot of fun riding them. We had OC mobile bike shop put them together. He said the bikes were well built. We are going to purchase one more bike.

  11. Rudy

    Very nice eBike. Powerful and battery last very long. I highly recommend this bike. Go for it.

  12. Beian (verified owner)

    This is an unbelievably fun bike. It just loves to go out and play. BEWARE..start on 1 or you’ll end up a little soar. I’ve been riding quiet a bit and have only 1 complaint ….the pedals break very easy. That’s an easy fix.
    I’ve also enjoyed dealing with the service department. Wonderful folks. Special shout out to MICHAEL.

  13. Gerard Dufresne (verified owner)

    77 years old. Bought in may 2021. Love my f-15rs. One of the best investments I ever made. So far I couldn’t be happier.

  14. Edward A Tomaszewski

    I have had my F15-RS for a year now and have been very happy with it. The best bike I have ever owned. Have 1000 miles on it and loving it every time I ride it.

  15. Mike

    I bought my BPM bike about 4 (maybe 5) years ago. My son had it at college for two of those years. I use it for deer hunting mostly. Never a single problem and it’s still going strong! You will not be disappointed with it’s speed, distance or ability to climb steep grades!

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