Essential Electric Trike Safety Tips

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It is known that e-trikes are safe for seniors, kids, etc., due to their three tires instead of two, which provide efficient overall balance.  Opting for a fat tire on your electric trike enhances safety even further.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some safety tips that you should keep in mind while riding an electric trike.

Essential Electric Trike Safety Tips and Guidelines for a Safe Journey

1. Check Everything Before You Ride:

You must check everything before riding your electric trike, including frame structure, lights, brakes, tire pressure, battery level, etc. A stable frame ensures the integrity of the electric trike.

If you notice any unusual sounds such as grinding or squeaking, or if you feel any resistance in the brake system during a test ride, it may be due to issues with brake pads, rotors, or the motor. If you don’t want such problems it is pertinent to take care of all the maintenance of the e-trike regularly.

2. Check Everything Before You Ride:

While riding your electric trike, you should follow the traffic and road rules. Keep an eye out for traffic signals, stop signs, and other road signs. It is important to follow these signals so that traffic can flow smoothly and accidents can be reduced.

If there are bike lanes or paths available, use them whenever possible. You should not ride on sidewalks unless you are permitted to do so by local regulations. Pedestrians and other vehicles must be given the right of way as required by traffic laws.

3. Always Wear the Helmet for Safety:

You should choose a helmet that fits snugly on your head and is not too tight or too loose. It is a plus if the helmet has a movable bayonet, which means you can adjust the helmet’s fit according to your head size.

Make sure your helmet has a shock-absorbing lining to protect you from electric shock in the event of an accident.

Your helmet should have LED lights and wind resistance features to improve visibility during the night for your safety on the road and to withstand the pressure of strong winds while you ride.

Along with all the qualities mentioned above, BPM Imports LED helmets also come with a variety of flashlight options and a wireless remote control steering system that allows riders to control their helmet’s lighting functions hands-free. Also, you can quickly charge the helmet.

Strap on this rad helmet, and boom! You’re practically Iron Man, living the superhero vibes!

4. Practice Defensive Driving:

When a driver consciously drives to reduce accidents, it is called defensive driving. It is important to be aware of the surroundings and to anticipate potential hazards. Make sure to scan the road ahead for obstacles and be prepared to react quickly if one arises. Ensure that your distance from other vehicles is safe, allowing ample time to react in case of sudden maneuvers or stops.

Here are some additional tips to practice defensive driving:

  • You should be predictable with your hand and light signals to avoid clashes. 
  • Always try to stay calm and patient with others. Avoid aggressive behaviors such as tailgating, excessive speeding, or confrontations with other drivers.
  • To avoid being hit by vehicles approaching from behind or in adjacent lanes, check your side mirrors and rearview mirrors regularly. Whenever you change lanes or merge, check your blind spots.
  • When traveling long distances, take breaks to keep yourself focused and alert.

5. Limit Speed in Crowded Areas:

You should reduce your speed when navigating through crowded areas, intersections, or areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. Driving slowly enables better responses to sudden changes in the environment.

Prioritize pedestrian safety whenever you drive on roads, intersections, and sidewalks to prevent accidents. Pedestrians can suddenly cross the road, so you must be prepared for that. 

Use your horn sparingly to avoid startling other road users, particularly pedestrians. Keep your horn to a minimum and use it responsibly. Make sure you follow speed limits and watch out for children crossing the street.

6. Use Side Mirrors: 

In case your e-trike is missing side mirrors, then you must buy side mirrors for your e-trike. They help enhance overall safety by providing an extended view of the blind spots. By doing so, you will be able to make informed decisions and stay on the lookout for vehicles approaching from behind.

This is like using a rear-view mirror in a car; it helps the driver be aware of any obstacles that lie ahead, or cars behind them. Without side mirrors, the e-trike driver would be unable to accurately judge the distance and speed of cars or pedestrians coming their way.

7. Use Thumb Throttles: 

If you live in a city, you must be aware that maneuverability is essential while riding. In tight or crowded spaces, sudden acceleration can lead to loss of control, which is why thumb throttle is a must-buy. With thumb throttles, riders can maintain a consistent speed, which is especially helpful in situations where a steady pace is crucial to traffic flow.

Thumb throttles are useful whether you want to ride on uneven surfaces, climb hills, or cruise on flat ground. This ensures a smoother and safer ride by allowing riders to adjust acceleration easily.

8. Avoid Overloading Your Trike:

Don’t overload your trike beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations. Yes, e-trikes have a weight limit, so you should adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the maximum load capacity of your electric trike. When your vehicle is overloaded, it can affect your stability, handling, and safety as a whole.

Bottom Line:

While electric trikes offer a sustainable and enjoyable mode of transportation, safety should always be a top priority. Electric trike riders can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by following the above-mentioned safety tips, ensuring a safe and pleasant ride for all. On BPM Imports, you can get free shipping on electric trike accessories to enhance overall safety. Safe travels!

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