Electric Bike Seat


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Product Features:

Vacuum integrated molding process, filled with high-density PU, soft and comfortable. Seamless edge sealing technology, giving up the traditional gun nail, sewing. It has good waterproof performance and a high safety factor. Pagoda-type shock absorber spring is installed at the bottom of the rear, which can effectively absorb the bumpy vibration caused by riding.


Size: 270 x 244
Weight: 1120g
Rail: Steel

Product Parameters

Surface: PVC top.
Padding: High-density PU foam.
Bottom Shell: PP base.
Features: Comfortable, Waterproof. 
Materials: PVC top + high-density PU foam + PP base + steel support frame.
Suitable for: Mountain bikes, folding bikes, lithium-assisted bikes.


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Electric Bike Seat
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