Top reasons to ride a fat tire electric bike in nature

fat tire electric bike

Fat tire electric bikes are known to be a great way to move around in the urban surrounding.  The long lasting battery that allow covering long distances and the fat tires that allow a good grip on the asphalt road. There is no doubt about these advantages. But what about riding in nature? Are fat tire electric bikes a good alternative? Will they handle the roughness of riding in tough conditions?

Let us examine this – bottoms up. First are the tires.

Fat tires have a large surface area (typically 3.0 but can range from 2.6 to 3.2 inches of width) that allow a better grip on the ground and distribute the weight of the rider better. This provides more stability during the mountain ride which is not provided with thin tires and is a great advantage for riding in sloppy areas or downhill.

Another important reason that supports taking the fat tire electric bike straight into the wilderness is the tire’s inner material and overall size. The high quality inner materials and the overall size of the tires act as an additional shock absorber, giving you the freedom to ride everywhere smoothly without the annoying ”bump” feeling. Whether on icy grounds, boulders or other challenging terrains, the fat tire electric bike will ride through all of them with increased comfort and improved grip.

Next, we have the fat tire electric bike’s foundation, the frame.

To hold on to such massive, rocking tires, there needs to be a strong and durable frame. The fat tire electric bike, although with a monster look, does not only have a strong frame from high quality Aluminium, but also a light one that altogether is helpful in giving you more suspension and morefat tire electric bikes stability during the ride in nature.  This is especially notable when riding through rocky and boulder terrains. The light weight frame makes the ride smoother and more enjoyable, and without letting go of the challenging and enjoyable nature of riding in the mountains.

Last but not least is the battery. Although there are quite a few different models of fat tire electric bikes, almost all of them have a strong, long-lasting and chargeable, lithium-ion battery that elegantly accompanies the electric bikes features and uses. The long lasting battery allows riding off-road without needing to worry about getting stuck, and taking extra special precautions, so you really have the freedom to ride where you want and how you want!

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