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F-95 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike with Rack – 48V*17AH

Original price was: $1,599.00.Current price is: $1,399.00.

UL-Certified Electric Bikes

UL-Certified Electric Bikes

Overview – F95 1000w Bafang motor 17AH Samsung battery + Hydraulic Brakes 

Fat tire electric bikes are quickly rising in popularity. The F95  allows you to kick your ride into motion and tackle rough terrain (sand, gravel and mud) using our most powerful frame-mounted 1000-watt motor powered by a 48-volt 17AH  Samsung battery. Front dual-suspension and 4-inch fat tires provide excellent off-road performance and help you climb hills with ease. A handlebar mounted LCD screen shows battery charge, voltage, speed, and odometer and trip distance. You can also change the amount of electric power pedal assist using the display from levels 1 to 5.​​​​​​​ A rear bike rack is included to tie down luggage or attach a basket.

BPM Fat Tire Electric Bike 1000w Video Review


Color Options:

  • Frame Colors: Black
  • Rim Colors: Black

Hardware Details​​​​​​​

  • Frame: Aluminum-Alloy – heavy duty for off-roading
  • Rack: Fe22nder/Rear rack
  • Handlebar: Aluminum
  • Seat Post: Aluminum & Comfortable Soft Saddle
  • Pedals: Aluminum
  • Rear Gears: Shimano 7 Speeds
  • Brake Set: Tektro Hydraulic brakes
  • Brake Lever: by Wuxing
  • Suspension: Front Fork suspension
  • Derailleur: Shimano Derailleur
  • Rim: 26inch Alloy Double wall, CNC sidewall Rim
  • Tires: Kenda 26” X 4.0” Fat Tire (snow, all terrain bike pro tires)
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle
  • Spokes: Stainless steel black spokes
  • Freewheel: Shimano Pro Freewheel 7 Speeds
  • Headlight: Spanning LED
  • Chain: Wheel Prowheel N.W/G.W 25Kg/30Kg Stem Al-alloy, adjustable
  • Carton Size 157X30X82cm

Electric System Details

  • PAS:1:1 intelligent pedal assistant system
  • Controller: 48V25A 12mosfets
  • Display: KD21C LCD display
  • Bike Features
  • Full Electric Range: Up to 50km
  • Pedal Assist Range: Up to 70km
  • Battery
  • Battery: 48V*17AH Samsung Lithium Ion
  • Charge Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Battery Life Est: 1000 Charges
  • Motor: Bafang 48V*1000W
  • Motor Power: Fixed Output Power: 1000W
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Quick Charger: US Standard Smart Charger
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY (on motor and battery.)


  • LCD Display: 5 Inch
  • Features:
  • Speedometer
  • Battery Level
  • Speed Setting Indicator
  • Trip Distance


  • Battery: 48V*17AH SAMSUNG Lithium Ion
  • Charge Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Battery Life Est: 1000 Charges
Weight 65 lbs
Rims Color

Black Frame / Black Rims

Frame Color

Black Frame, Camouflage Frame



11 reviews for F-95 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike with Rack – 48V*17AH

  1. Garett

    This is my second bike with BPM, bought the last one for burning man and this one is just going to be my bike I keep really nice and clean haha. I am obsessed.

  2. Justin

    Customer service was incredible, had questions on assembly – answered right away.

  3. Ben

    Super fast!! Amazed at how much power this bike actually had. I bought this for sand and gravel mostly since it is impossibly to ride my regular bike in that, amazing grip and power even in these conditions. Honestly handled a lot better than I expected. 5 Stars!!

  4. Janice

    Favorite ebike so far. Love this company.

  5. Alonzo

    This about the seller Ben and technition Dan great gus to do business with and im sure they will always have sales cuz of there prompt service thanks guys

  6. Bruce beaulieu (verified owner)

    Real nice, solid bike. Great service and always answered every email quick delivery. And Fun. And fast cant wait to put many miles on this I might never get off this bike thanks bpm

  7. Martin

    Got my f-95 3 weeks ago & love it. Great source of exercise & mobility for my 60 sumthin butt. Far exceeded my expectations and I now try to get as many miles out of a charge as possible. Great customer service, I bought from BPM because of the reviews of the service, & I’d buy again from them bc of my experience with their customer service, great pricing & honesty.

  8. Steve (verified owner)

    Just ordered two F95 1000W fat tire e bikes for my wife and me (3-18-2019), they should arrive by this Friday or so. We shopped around online and at local bike shops, compared features, components, battery options, rear drives vs. mid drives, suspension, watts, volts, AH, read descriptions & reviews ’til we we’re dizzy, after extensive research we concluded that BMP offered us the best value, selection and options for the money. I contacted Ben at BPM and asked a million questions on warranty, size, quality, power, components, options, etc, before ordering, Ben was more than patient, polite, informative and accommodating. I feel confident this 26″ Fat Tire F-95 1000W e bike will be everything my wife and I we’re looking for. I’ll post a followup performance review here in 3-4 weeks once we’ve got some serious miles racked up… Thanks Ben for your time and all the detailed information! Steve- California.

  9. Steve (verified owner)

    OMG, amazing 1000 Watt fat tire ebike, and yes everything we were looking for and more! First, the bikes arrived in 3 days mostly assembled, simply removed from box, attached handlebars, pedals, front wheel and front fender, approximately 20 minutes assembly per bike from unpacking to road-ready. Initial charge on battery took about 5 hours and we were cruising!

    This is a high performance, quality ride with decent components, aluminum frame, handlebars, front suspension forks, seat bar, pedals & rear rack. Responsive, stop-on-a-dime F&R disc brakes, perfectly pre-tuned, super smooth Shimano 7 speed gears & derailleur.

    I’ve gone 146 KM since receiving (90 miles, the display is in KM, not miles) with instant acceleration and exhilaration, reached speeds of 52 KMPH (downhill pedal assist) one BIG surprise is the pedal assist has 9 modes (yes nine, not 5!) which is insane. Love the stealthy look of the matte black frame, 4″ fat tire stance and killer ride!

    Like I said, we did a lot of research, comparison, and looking before making a decision to purchase these beautiful machines, our friends are blown-away and now planning to buy and join us in the fun, exhilaration and nonstop endorphin rush.

    We absolutely love the bikes!… Do your own research, compare features, components, price & warranty, try to find a better 1000W, 48V fat tire ebike for the money.

    Good riding to all! Steve- California

  10. Timothy Procita (verified owner)

    I’ve had my f95 for 4 days and have put 80km on it. Today was the big test, took it all off road to test battery length and ridebility as a mountain bike…
    I am 6’5” and weigh 300lbs I am a very experienced biker both mountain and road, I am 53 and my knees are not what they use to be, which is one of the reason I wanted a E-Bike… to continue the joy of biking.
    I told a friend if this bike met 75% of my expectations I would be extrememly happy… well it has far surpassed my expectations and I am having a blast.
    I rode off road on very rocky terrain for 3 hours today and this bike does amazing… up hill down hill flat ground it is pretty agile for its weight… obviously it’s not a “high end mountain bike” but believe me it is a joy to ride… I went places I haven’t been able to go for a while thanks to the pedal assist…
    I did a total of 35km today and still had 25% battery life.
    This is a very solid bike and am looking forward to many more hours of joy.

    Remember I am 6’5” and 300lbs so to get that kind of battery life and I regularly maintain speeds, on flat ground, of 25MPH (42kmh)

    There is only one thing I wish this bike had and that’s higher gears… at its max speed you cannot pedal fast enough to have tension when pedaling I’d like to be able to still get a work out when at top speed.

    All in all a fantastic product I hope it’s longevity is as great as it’s been so far…

  11. Eric Thompson (verified owner)

    I ordered my first ebike yesterday! I got the F 95 and was positive I was making the right decision after reading these review’s! They seem very authentic! It says the bike is on backorder unfortunately but I felt it’s worth a little wait at least!! Was hoping someone could tell me how long you think I’ll be waiting for this bad boy!! And thanks for the reviews everyone! VERY helpful to future buyer’s!!

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F-95 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike with Rack - 48V*17AH
$1,599.00 Original price was: $1,599.00.$1,399.00Current price is: $1,399.00.

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